our Services

Do what’s valuable

diFilm Pixel Works has identified and predicted an increased demand for five customer groups to target for its video-related services. They are education, technology, health, businesses, finances, home and leisure. We incorporates different values and techniques in creating the final look of your videos.

Video Production

Location filming including art direction, camera works and principle photography.

2D Graphics

2D motion graphics animation composited on live footage.

3D Animation

Full 3D animation for product demonstration and illustration.

Visual Effects

Composite 3D animations and visual effects into live footage.

Interactive Content

We also create interactive videos and graphics with engaging media for usage such as e-Learning.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour and virtual reality with interactive content and advanced 3D animation within to bring your audience engagement to the next level.

Live Stream

Live stream your content with broadcast standard.

Greenscreen and Studio Work

We can create live greenscreen key content and studio work.

Why combine services

In thirty seconds, people form all your business plan, your financial results, or present product references based almost entirely on what they see—your visual communications. Appearances do count.

What You Get

We produce the entire video based on your brief and script, including voice-over, script visualization, story-boarding and previz, location filming, music mixing, graphics, animation and post production.